Chiropractic Treatment in Whiplash Injuries


Objective: To assess chiropractic treatment outcomes in patients with acute whiplash injuries.

Clinical Features: 41 patients were treated for whiplash injuries at a private chiropractor’s office. Subjects’ age ranges 17-67 with a mean of 32.5, SD 13.3. Female 31 subjects, average age 34.5; male 10 subjects, average age 26.5. Data were collected at a spine clinic in California.

Interventions and Outcomes: During the first week of treatment grade III and IV mobilization along with TENS was the primary treatment. Following the first week the treatment was a form of high-velocity, low-amplitude manual therapy. Electrical muscle stimulation was also used. The treatments were performed by an experienced chiropractor (15+ years in practice) and patient evaluation by CD. The mean initial pain level of grade I injuries
was 7.1 (SD 0.9), 95% confidence interval 6.6 – 7.6. The mean final pain level of grade I injuries was 0.6 (SD 0.8), CI 0.1 – 1. The mean number of treatments was 20 (SD 6.6), CI 16.4 – 23.4, and the mean weeks of treatment was 10 (SD 4.5), CI 7.7 – 12.4.

Conclusion: Patients improved under chiropractic care in grades I & II whiplash injuries despite pending litigation.

Key Words: Chiropractic, whiplash, pain, subluxation, lordosis


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