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To provide an optimal health care experience to the citizens of  the metropolitan Atlanta area that promotes health, vitality, and well being.  By improving the state of health in the community, an environment will be created in which patients can flourish through education, chiropractic care, and other health services.  We expect that by promoting active patient participation, an ideal quality of life will prevail.

Vision/What Drives Us

With the opioid epidemic at an all time high in the U.S., alternative pain and health care is increasingly in high demand. A4L is at the forefront of this increase in demand.  To that end, we intend to develop, strengthen, and improve chiropractic and other related healthcare services offered by Aligned 4 Life. 

Your health is your wealth! The #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical debt. We hope that by promoting health and wellness through our 4 principles (chiropractic, nutrition, rest, and exercise) we can positively impact the lives and wallets of our patients.

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Come in and see what makes us so unique. Once you experience our innovative approach, you’ll wonder why all healthcare experiences aren’t this easy.

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We stand on 4 pillars

We operate by 4 principles

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