Improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care.

To provide an optimal health care experience to the citizens of metropolitan Atlanta area that promotes health, vitality, and well being.  By improving the state of health in the community, an environment will be created in which patients can flourish through education, chiropractic care, and other health services.  We expect that by promoting active patient participation, an ideal quality of life will prevail.

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About The Practice

Auto Accident, Wellness Care, Slip and Fall, we take care of it all.

From Pain
to Progress

Meet former NFL player, Dwayne Morgan. When Dwayne, first started seeing us, he was in severe pain. Hear his story.

A Dream

Meet Francina Walker. When Mrs. Walker first started to coming to see us, she was in a wheelchair. Hear her story.


Excellent resources for the latest in chiropractic, low back pain, neck pain, migraine relief, wellness, prevention, and more.

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