Aligned 4 Life Wellness collaborates with Sandy Rodgers to talk addressing the choice to live with pain.

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ATLANTA,GA, April 10,2024/ Tonight,  Aligned 4 Life Wellness partnered with the SANDY RODGERS Show to highlight the role of pain in your life and body. Pain serves as an indicator for your body that something isn’t working as designed or that something needs to change.
“Don’t live in pain without addressing the cause. If you’re using something like ibuprofen, you’re not addressing the root cause of the pain and it shouldn’t be considered as your long-term solution” Dr. Fowler advised.
“Aligned 4 Life Wellness promotes holistic and non-invasive methods for your body to align itself and begin the healing process. Let us help you start your healing journey today and return to what you enjoy.” Dr. Williams advised.
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